Another pic taken by my wife. This is Piazza Del Campo, Siena, Tuscany, Italy. Piazza Del Campo is seen as one of the most beautiful plazas/ squares in the entire Italy & one of the greatest squares in the entire Europe. You can see Torre del Mangia (est. 1325) which is one of the highest medieval towers in Italy. It is the site of the famous horse race, PALIO DI SIENA, where horseriders whip their horses, other horses & other horseriders in order to win the race.

Life presents us with painful lashes at every turn. We are often prevented to finish our goal because of many whips we receive. Lesson is: Concentrate to win the race despite the pain.

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A picture of the Temple of Antoninus & Faustina taken by my wife. This is located in the Roman Forum in the ancient ruins of the famous Palatine Hills. Rome was built on this. During the tour, we were wondering why there were several layers of ruins. Like a church that was built on top of another temple that was built on top of another building and so forth. Our tour guide told us that after the death of a generation, instead of continuing on, Romans will just build ON TOP of the past civilization leading to many layers of structures.

Life is about burying the past & building our present looking for a better tomorrow. Another lesson from eloquenti.
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Another pic my wife took when we were in Venice.

The huge ocean flows to the rivers and lagoons in Venice and the Grand Canals of Venezia are actually brackish lagoons.

In life, we marvel at the gigantic opportunities without seeing that the beautiful opportunities are the ones that are smaller. We fail to see the smaller opportunities because we usually look for the big ones. The big businesses are dependent on smaller branches because all the arteries and veins supply the heart.

This is eloquenti for another lesson on life.

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My wife took this pic during our 1st visit to Vatican together. This is 1 of 2 fountains situated in the Vatican square. Whenever we are in Rome, we always visit these fountains. Water shoots up to the heaven & then it is drawn by gravity and falls to the basin. Then it starts the cycle again. This symbolizes the interplay between success & failure. We succeed sometimes & we fail sometimes. We rise, we fall & then we try to rise again. Most of the times, people surrender trying because of the many times one falls. DONT! There is always a bout of success after each fall.
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My wife took this picture years ago. We always visit SG & everytime we stay in Marina Bay, we always watch this magnificent view while having snack at a famous coffee shop.

The beauty of the water swirling around the inverted dome until it finally reaches the bottom hole & then it plunges down to the canal below IS SIMPLY BREATHTAKING!

Life is like this. You marvel at life's beauty without knowing that life is slipping away & as it slips away, it gives life again. LIFE IS CONTINUOUS.

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