यह भैंसा हथिनी के बच्चे पर अटैक करने वाला था । तभी हथिनी को गुस्सा आ गया और उसने काउंटर अटैक करके आधा टन वजनी भैंस को हवा में उछाल दिया l
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My wife took this picture years ago. We always visit SG & everytime we stay in Marina Bay, we always watch this magnificent view while having snack at a famous coffee shop.

The beauty of the water swirling around the inverted dome until it finally reaches the bottom hole & then it plunges down to the canal below IS SIMPLY BREATHTAKING!

Life is like this. You marvel at life's beauty without knowing that life is slipping away & as it slips away, it gives life again. LIFE IS CONTINUOUS.

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Thanks a lot Hidilyn for giving all of us a GREAT reson to be joyful and feel proud. YOU HAVE MADE IT. YESSSSSSSSSSS...!!!!
The country is grateful to you :)
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