OLDEST living person in the Philippines (at age 124 years old) has broken the record of oldest living person in the world (age 118 years old):



In response Abhinav Sharma to his Publication

Hi there @abhinav26 . Just today, it is in the news. The oldest known human being is at 125 years old and she is from the Philippines. :-)


This picture of New York in 1933 looks like it's from the 2070s.

A vertical parking lot in Chicago in the 1930s This "elevator garage" held up to 48 cars. #ZuprFacts

“The Vertue of the COFFEE Drink”: The Earliest Known Advertisement for Making and Selling Coffee, Circa 1652;

Another pic taken by my wife. This is Piazza Del Campo, Siena, Tuscany, Italy. Piazza Del Campo is seen as one of the most beautiful plazas/ squares in the entire Italy & one of the greatest squares in the entire Europe. You can see Torre del Mangia (est. 1325) which is one of the highest medieval towers in Italy. It is the site of the famous horse race, PALIO DI SIENA, where horseriders whip their horses, other horses & other horseriders in order to win the race.

Life presents us with painful lashes at every turn. We are often prevented to finish our goal because of many whips we receive. Lesson is: Concentrate to win the race despite the pain.

#ZuprFacts #ZuprTips #ZuprTravel

Einstein Theory of relativity Explained in easy words-
The clear explanations, combined with extremely pleasant voice and diction, makes this video a pleasure to listen to.

Theory of relativity explained in 7 mins - YouTube

Hi everyone, today we explain Einstein's famous theory of relativity! Enjoy ;)_______________________TIME STAMPSPart 1: Classical relativity - 0:11Part 2: Sp...

A picture of the Temple of Antoninus & Faustina taken by my wife. This is located in the Roman Forum in the ancient ruins of the famous Palatine Hills. Rome was built on this. During the tour, we were wondering why there were several layers of ruins. Like a church that was built on top of another temple that was built on top of another building and so forth. Our tour guide told us that after the death of a generation, instead of continuing on, Romans will just build ON TOP of the past civilization leading to many layers of structures.

Life is about burying the past & building our present looking for a better tomorrow. Another lesson from eloquenti.
#ZuprFacts #ZuprTips

Math is not about numbers, equations, or algorithms. Math is about understanding how things work. @starpankaj @eloquenti

Another pic taken by my wife during one of our visits to Venice. This is a VIP tour at night to unravel the secret areas of St. Mark Basilica. We were shown what others believed was the place where St. Mark the Gospel writer was buried. And we were shown the secret place where his bones were exactly hidden in real life.

People are always curious about history & the historians who helped write the stories.

More than the events & the event writers, the most important is the PERSON's story. We learn best from knowing how the person of interest made history. And from this, we should lead a good life by creating our own story.


@starpankaj @SallyStaAna12 @EdwinEdrali

In response Kustazi --- to her Publication

Based from what I know, America was not named after Armorica. There is not a single document that supports this. America was named after an Italian merchant named AMERIGO VESPUCCI. :-)


This is another picture that my wife took in one of our visits to Rome. The Sistine Chapel contains the controversial paintings of Michaelangelo. The art was so advanced that it stood the test of time for 5 centuries. Currently, paintings do not even last 2 decades. That was how resilient the art of Michaelangelo was during that time. People from all religions go to Vatican just to marvel at these wonderful art.

No matter what your religion is, what is important is that your FAITH stands the test of time.

Another lesson in life by eloquenti.

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