China on Friday said that all crypto currency transactions in China, including transactions using Bitcoin, will be deemed illegal. China’s central bank in a note said that the country considers all crypto-currency transactions in the Chinese economy illegal.

चीन का कहना है कि सभी क्रिप्टो मुद्रा लेनदेन अवैध हैं, बिटकॉइन और क्रिप्टो निवेशकों और उत्साही लोगों को डरा रहे हैं । ऐसा माना जाता है कि इस कदम के बाद चीन द्वारा बिटकॉइन पर पूर्ण प्रतिबंध लगा दिया जाएगा ।
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Bitcoin is now a legal tender in El Salvador, three months after President Bukele announced the idea at a Miami crypto conference. The rollout this week was rocky and was met with heavy skepticism from the Salvadoran public. #Bitcoin #ZuprNews

Trading bitcoin is like trading stamps and the cryptocurrency may 'collapse,' Sweden's central bank governor says. #ZuprNews

Cuba is planning to recognize and regulate cryptocurrencies for payments.
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It would make sense for Apple to put it’s vast cash reserves into bitcoin, in the same way that Tesla did, but it would still be a risky move. With nearly $200bn in cash at the last quarterly report, $2bn would be just 1 per cent of the iPhone maker’s holdings. If true, you would imagine that bitcoin’s price would receive a similar bump to when Elon Musk announced Tesla’s crypto investment.

Bitcoin is the culmination of the ideas and efforts of cypherpunks, spanning nearly half a century.

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Infosys Chairman Advocates Regulation of Crypto Assets as Commodities in India

Cryptocurrency ban to be made explicit; Govt to introduce Bill soon

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