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Working for a positive change for the benefit of all, now and for the future.

Open Discussion......... Should couples have access to each other's mobile phone? Poll your answer by clicking on Yes/No and post your opinion in the comment box.

YES. They should.

NO. They should not.

“ma négritude n'est pas une pierre, sa surdité ruée contre la clameur du jour ma négritude n'est pas une taie d'eau morte sur l'oeil mort de la terre ma négritude n'est ni une tour ni une cathédraleelle plonge dans la chair rouge du solelle plonge dans la chair ardente du cielelle troue l'accablement opaque de sa droite patience.”

Interesting :)

Yüksekova Düğünleri l Karaman Ailesinin Mutlu Günü l Hozan Cevat Mılane - YouTube

Yüksekova Düğünleri l Karaman Ailesinin Mutlu Günü l Hozan Cevat MılanePiyanist: Turan EroğuzKamera / Kurgu: Sihat Sakin

Belated Happy birthday to veteran Actor Olu Jacobs 💕💕💕💕
More years ahead sir !!!!

A scatter plot of times under 10 seconds by year in the men's 100-meter sprint.

#AdegokeEnoch Bro, you are an Olympic finalist. Bra, nobe beans at all at all. How many billion people on this planet and you made top 8?
Proud of you. Keep achieving greater things. The gold medal is within touching distance. Paris is just 3years away.
Go get it, man...... #ZuprStar

In response Gabriel Winston to his Publication

A Really BIGGG achievement for Nigeria. Thanks for winning an Olympic Medal for the country.

In response Zupr Admin to his Publication

Ese.... You did it gal............

My wife took this picture years ago. We always visit SG & everytime we stay in Marina Bay, we always watch this magnificent view while having snack at a famous coffee shop.

The beauty of the water swirling around the inverted dome until it finally reaches the bottom hole & then it plunges down to the canal below IS SIMPLY BREATHTAKING!

Life is like this. You marvel at life's beauty without knowing that life is slipping away & as it slips away, it gives life again. LIFE IS CONTINUOUS.

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@gabriel_winston @william_naija @sunny @Deepak27 @Nath

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Driving in the rich neighbourhoods- hang around the three richest places of Lagos : Victoria Island, Lekki, and Ikoyi.

LAGOS NIGERIA Driving in the rich neighbourhoods of LEKKI, IKOYI, VICTORIA ISLAND- 4K ultra HD drive - YouTube

LAGOS NIGERIA Driving in the rich neighbourhoods of LEKKI, IKOYI, VICTORIA ISLAND - 4K ultra HD 2021is a video that allows you to hang around the three riche...

The organizers of the Nigerian Idol disclosed the grand prize for the winner of season 6. The organizers of the show disclosed that the winner will have a cash prize of N30 million, a brand new SUV, 6 track EP recording deal, 3 music videos included, an all-expense-paid trip to Seychelles and a weekend getaway to Dubai. The winner will also get a Bigi refrigerator plus 1 year of Bigi drinks, a DSTV explorer and a wide range of Tecno products. The show will come to end on 11 July with Francis and Kingdom left to battle for the ultimate prize.
#Zupr4Nigeria #ZuprStar

Got my DNA results today-
48% Nigerian
19% Benin and Togo
15% Cameroon Congo and bantu peoples
2% Mali
1% Senegalese

I'm proud of my nigerian roots!

It would make sense for Apple to put it’s vast cash reserves into bitcoin, in the same way that Tesla did, but it would still be a risky move. With nearly $200bn in cash at the last quarterly report, $2bn would be just 1 per cent of the iPhone maker’s holdings. If true, you would imagine that bitcoin’s price would receive a similar bump to when Elon Musk announced Tesla’s crypto investment.

Lionel Messi has dedicated Argentina’s Copa America triumph over Brazil to his family, his country and also late idol Diego Maradona. #Messi

Hi everybody. This is my first post, I signed up today. Really happy to see that Nigerians have come up with such a coooool website. It's a wonderful substitute of Twitter. We Nigerians should support this social media Zupr, developed my Naija people. Why to use American sites?