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Psy Trance Festival Producer. Digital Marketing - Email Marketing - Import - Export I'm here to do business and network!

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Música para dormir - Sons da Natureza (Músicas) - YouTube

Música para dormir - Sons da Natureza (Músicas)Escute essa poderosa música com sons da natureza para dormir e ter um sono profundo:

This is the famous Vila de Itaunas in the state of Espirito Santo. Brazil.

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City of Colatina in Espirito Santo, Brazil

This is Rio Doce

This sunset was the second best in the world! Losing position to Japan only.

News about Espirito Santo / Brazil:
The state of Espirito Santo is the largest exporter of arabica and conilon coffee in Brazil.
This photo is from the Caparaó National Park region, the region where the second highest peak in Brazil is located.

Discover the coffee in the mountains!
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Flamengo scored 4 goals yesterday in the Copa Libertadores da America, Flamengo is the biggest, the biggest crowd in the world!
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Hi, I'm Brazilian, I'm here to connect with new people, I'm looking to do business and network.

I have good products to export from Brazil to other countries!

I also seek to import products to Brazil.

The products can be of any kind, such as beverages, tropical foods and many other opportunities.

I also seek to learn about digital products such as courses, consultancies, applications, websites, tools and any other Nichi TI product.

I'm loving Zupr!

Cachaça Princesa Isabel Ouro 750ml is produced through a blend. Aged for three years in oak and amburana barrels, typically Brazilian wood, it has an alcoholic strength of 40%. The name Princesa Isabel is a tribute to the matriarch of the Cellia family. The beverage labels show, in watercolor, the figure of birds from the Serra do Mar fauna, in Linhares, Espírito Santo. @theblind @eloquenti @abhinav26
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I am an event producer, traffic manager, web designer and marketing consultant.

I have a liquor brand and I want to take it to other countries.

Ecommerce, Import, Export and sales.